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Flying and Mountains


Two words that make us dream of freedom and magnificent mountain landscapes. Pilots flying in the mountains rediscover the pleasure of real flying, free from the sophistications and restrictions that burden GA nowadays. 

Flying close to the slopes escorted by the mountain tops, playing with the updrafts, crossing ridges to access new valleys, feeling the thrill of landing on very steep strips located in remote and unaccesible places. When you fly in the mountains you live unique sensations in an environment of breathtaking beauty. For safe flying and maximum pleasure, permanent attention, good airmanship and piloting with precision will be your best friends.

Any season of the year is fine for mountain flying. During winter for landing on snow covered surfaces, the planes must have a pair of skis. 

France, Switzerland and Italy represent the heart of mountain flying in Europe, with more than a thousand rated, active pilots and more than 400 authorised strips and places to land spread all over the Alps, the Massif Central, the Vosges, the Jura and the Pyrenees. The runways range from an almost unspottable grass strip located in a remote area, including glaciers, to a paved airfield called "altiport" like those of l'Alpe d'Huez, Corlier, Courchevel, Méribel, Megève and La Motte Chalançon in the Alps and Peyresourde in the Pyrenees. As in other European countries, mountain flying in Spain has still to be developed.

                                                       The P96 on final: spot the strip?

Legal framework

A pilot wishing to land with a GA airplane on a mountain strip needs a Mountain Rating (Qualification Montagne in french). The rating can be earned on "wheels" or on "skis" after some 20 hours of dual flight training with a mountain rated FI. The rating may also be required for landing on certain airfields considered complex without being proper mountain strips.

Ultralights are not subject to this legislation but it is nevertheless highly recommendable to do mountain flight training so as to know how the air interacts with the mountains, how the weather evolves, how to navigate in mountainous regions and  to practice mountain strip landing and takeoff techniques.

                                                               Stunning mountain strip in front of Mont Blanc



The Spanish Mountain Pilots Association (APME) in close cooperation with the Aviadores de Montaña de Aragón Aeroclub, based at Castejón de Sos airfield, organises mountain flying introduction courses for private and ultralight pilots. The courses have the approval of the French Mountain Pilots Associaiton (AFPM) and the French Microlight Federation (FFPLUM). Private pilots wanting to earn a Mountain Rating can do the courses in preparation for the rating. 

Experience the trhill of Mountain Flying booking one of our personalised 3-day courses. Ground school is combined with flight training - navigation in high mountainous terrain, ridge crossing, up/down drafts, flying in the valleys, landing on steep runways -. Dual flight training is done with a TECNAM P96 GOLF a light aircraft with excellent mountain flight capabilities.

Click here to know more about mountain flying in the Pyrenees or watch our photos and videos in the "Photos" section.


Information and booking:

Marlies Campi, PPL and ultralight flight instructor with French Label Montagne AFPM-FFPLUM. Mobile +34 656 312 528  (English, German, French) - 



A winter flight around Castejón de Sos (Pyrenees)

Mountain strip of Aleu (F), Instructor: M.Campi  Pilot: Vicky Moreno






The APME was founded in 1991 in Castejón de Sos by a group of private and ultralight pilots who love to fly in the mountains, with the purpose of promoting and developing mountan flying in Spain. The APME is a member of the European Mountain Pilots Federation.

Through journeys in the Pyrenees and the Alps, participating in European mountain pilot meetings, organising talks and introduction courses on mountain flying, the publication of articles in journals and on websites, the APME has spread the word in Spain about mountain flying. There is a growing number of pilots who practice mountain flying on a regular basis and a number of mountain strips have been created for training.

Its members receive information regarding mountain flying events that are held in Europe, such as meetings and precision landing competitions on mountain strips, about current legislation concerning this discipline, the condition of strips, mountain flying training courses, in short, about everything related to mountain flying in Spain and Europe.

APME Contact:   Angel Ibáñez - +34 689 786 087 - (French)



European Mountain Pilots Federation                                                                                                                                                                                             

Mountain flying in Europe is represented by the European Mountain Pilots (EMP), formed by national associations and groups of mountain pilots from France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany and Luxembourg, with over a thousand pilot members, the majority rated. The EMP's mission is to promote mountain flying in Europe, represent its member before EASA and look after its interests.



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